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Opinion: City of Burnaby Defends Ecological Commons

This is an interesting motion being advanced by the City of Burnaby to protect its bylaws and conservation lands from being violated by private Texas based corporation.

B82  Comprehensive Pipeline & Energy Transport Plan Burnaby
WHEREAS on 2013 December 16, Kinder Morgan submitted an application to the National Energy Board for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project;
AND WHEREAS the proposed expansion project in the existing dense urban context represents an intensification of related risks and impacts for Burnaby and the broader Metro Vancouver area, with the benefits distributed elsewhere on a regional, provincial and national basis:
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM call on the federal government and National Energy Board, through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and other avenues as appropriate, to oppose Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline system expansion application;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that UBCM call on the provincial and federal governments, through their appropriate and respective roles, to develop, in consultation with local governments, First Nations, and members of the public, a comprehensive pipeline and energy transport plan, including adequately funded provisions for emergency response, for the movement of related goods.

Endorsed by the Lower Mainland Local Government Association

page 149 of the 2014 booklet at this link