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Promoting Events by Registering with Sites using OpenID

Have you ever visited a website and want to post a comment? Some sites require that you set up a profile using a user name and password before doing so. The problem is remembering your user name and password at a later date. The more sites that you leave comments on, the more user names and passwords that you need to remember. I would not want to count the number of websites that I have user names and passwords as they are numerous. You could save your passwords in a program like Norton or save them in your browser so you automatically login the next time that you visit the site. Like many people, they are accessing sites from multiple devices and computers so this is often not practical. Also, you may be accessing a site from a public computer. One solution to registering with websites is to leverage your social media networks.

For this site, I have set up the ability to easily set up a profile using multiple services. If you visit you can now register as a user using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, WordPress, Google, or other social networking sites that support Open ID. The benefit of doing this is that you do not have to remember user names and passwords for this site like you do for many other sites. This should simplify the experience for visitors to Building Communities. The main benefit of registering on the site is to quickly identify repeat visitors who might like to leave comments on the site. Additionally, if you would  like to contribute articles to the site, you can send an email to the contact page requesting that your user profile be upgraded from subscriber to contributor. This will enable you to write articles or promote events.

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