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Some bloggers who explore non-profits and audience development

There are some bloggers that I read on a continual basis as I find their words inspirational. I thought that I would very briefly present them here. One of the key elements that I have noticed in their writings is that they have strong story telling skills and are able to translate their passions into an effective forum to share with other people. I hope that you enjoy their writing as much as I have.

David Zoltan, ArtsAppeal: Fundraising in the Arts and the Craft of Arts Management  David has a great way of producing a narrative using a very conversational style. He is a great storyteller which makes his work so enticing. He focuses a great deal of his writing on issues surrounding fundraising in a performing arts environment. Check out a recent posting by him here

Maureen Carruthers, Low Hanging Fruit Communications: Helping non-profits be heard 
Maureen is passionate about the role of social media being used by non-profit organizations in their interactions with stakeholders. She writes a great deal about communications tools including e-bulletins in which she has a particular interest. For an example of her writing look here.

Stacey Cornelius, The Studio Source: Creative Marketing Advice for Creatives Stacey can have a very reflective and contemplative tone in her writing which I appreciate very much. She is inspired a great deal by the visual arts and particularly craft. An example of her style of composition can be seen in this post

Jamie Billingham, just:// Jamie is a very engaging author who often requires multiple readings to appreciate the depth of her work. I am moved by her writing as it is both very theoretical while at the same time changes the way that we perceive the world. One post by her that I find particularly intriguing can be found here.

I hope that you can visit these bloggers' sites and let them know what you think about the topics they discuss. If you have found any bloggers who explore nonprofit organizations, audience development, public policy or the arts and that you enjoy reading, please share them here. Many people would love to hear about them as well.