Times that Calvin Taplay can generally be reached are listed below as well as exceptions. The best way of communicating with Calvin is to drop him a line at his email address that he checks frequently. In your email, please provide the best time and method to contact you.

Additionally, the following is a also a list of largely third party events that contribute to a greater sense of community in the Lower Mainland. These are events that are typically organized by separate not-for-profit organizations. Since sustainability is one of my main concerns there may be more frequent inclusion of environmental non-profit organizations. This is part of the growing realization that environmental issues are a major issue in Canada which have not been addressed adequately to date.

The events are listed by day, month, and year followed by the time. It is recommended that you contact the event organizers in advance of the gatherings to ensure that the information is correct. The events often highlight sustainability, social and economic issues that are specific to the Lower Mainland. Over time, I will include events that are virtual (eg. presentations that are offered online and are time specific) if they have relevance to issues in the Lower Mainland.

The sharing of third party events is for information purposes only and does not indicate an endorsement of the event.

There are currently no upcoming events listed.