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Why stop at this point? If you would like access to additional articles and other resources on Taplay Communications please subscribe to the website. The price is $60.00 / year (CAD) and provides you access to over 80 articles written over the past five years and new posts as they appear. Most of the posts focus on the three main areas of public policy, audience development and communications technologies. These ideas intersect on a regular basis and this website celebrates that intersection.

Many of the articles are of particular interest to residents of Canada as they touch on public policy issues specific to this region. Canada has some interesting challenges in that it has a large oil sector that produces economic wealth though this can sometimes come at the expense of environmental stewardship and recognition of indigenous rights. We all contribute to the issues around sustainability by driving single occupancy vehicles on a regular basis and not taking public transit or cycling instead. There are always solutions on how to do things differently. It is my hope that we can embrace change and new ideas. This does not mean that residents from other parts of the world may not find relevant information on this website but is simply an explanation on how the site has evolved over time.

Many of the issues raised in these posts are relevant to other countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the United States which have similar histories and that deal with resource management and extraction issues and how these practices affect the environment. These countries have also had to grapple with how to sustainably develop resources while respecting the need for future generations to enjoy economic growth and a high quality of life.

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