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Tactics to Draw a Larger Audience to Your WordPress Site

I attended a meeting for the Vancouver WordPress Meetup group at the Network Hub. The presentation was given by Conner Galway and was entitled "How to Get your Message Heard using your WordPress Site as a Base." Since I love using WordPress due to how easy it is to setup and its great features, I thought that this would be a helpful talk. Conner was a bit rushed in his presentation but conveyed a lot of information at the same time. Overall, he gave an engaging talk. He stressed writing content that you care about. He also talked about researching for opportunities and writing for readers. The second part of his presentation focused on search engine optimization. He stressed the importance of developing a blog with one central theme in order to make it easier to optimize for search engines. He pointed out the importance of using permalinks with your posts to increase SEO. He also emphasized the importance of encouraging inbound links to your site by using review sites. Next he discussed online advertising. He emphasized that it is important to focus on a pay per click (PPC) and not a pay per impression campaign (PPI) in order to draw visitors to your site and to convert those visitors through a call to action (CTA). He next focused on blogger outreach. I liked this part of the presentation as I think that it is important to work collaboratively on a site through multiple writers if possible. This draws visitors into a site more effectively then reading the same author repeatedly. It also gives a fresh perspective to a topic. I also like how he set up steps for blogger outreach including: 1) coffee; 2) skype; 3) phone; and 4) email in that specific order. I think from my own background in publication design that it is much easier sitting down talking with a writer in person then it is to convey an idea exclusively through email. Next he focused on email marketing. He emphasized the importance of using an e-bulletin application such as Mail Chimp. I also like Mail Chimp as it is much easier to set up rather then composing an e-bulletin from scratch using HTML. For more information on his presentation see ScreenWorldMedia.