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Community Collaboration through Website Development

One of the great things about working with new technologies is the idea of collaboration. Years ago, when I was using Adobe Dreamweaver to create and maintain a website, the idea of collaboration was somewhat more difficult as all people updating a collective website had to have Dreamweaver installed on their individual computers. Alternatively, they could run some other html editor as long as they could log into the central hosting server. These days, with the evolution of technology, it is possible to easily work from any where in the world as long as one has an internet connection. This is thanks to applications such as WordPress and Drupal. The technologies are not as flexible as Dreamweaver when it comes to layout. This may be very frustrating for people, such as me, with a graphic design background, who may like to have fine control over layout considerations. One of the benefits of using new technologies is that site navigation is easier to adjust using WordPress or Drupal than previously. Also, it is significantly easier to create dynamic versus static pages. This benefits communities in that everyone can potentially produce content that can quickly be disseminated.  When websites are integrated with social networks and special events it has the potential to build stronger and flourishing communities.