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The Global Village: Public Relations in the Era of Social Media

I attended a webinar on October 21 conducted by Cision on "Monitoring Social Media". I am going to present some of my impressions of the webinar. This post is not a review of the webinar but highlights some of the elements that I found most interesting. The webinar focused on ten ideas to look at when dealing with the image that an organization can broadcast about itself. The ideas were presented in reverse order and I will follow this model in my discussion as well. The presenters focused first on "The Complaint." An example of this would be the musical group Sons of Maxwell who recorded a video after one of their guitars was destroyed by United Airlines' baggage handlers while on a stop over in Chicago. The lesson of the story here is that the public has other ways of getting the attention of businesses and so it is important for these businesses to be constantly monitoring what is being said about them and acting proactively. Secondly, the presenters focused on "The Compliment" and how organizations should always thank people for saying nice things about them when they encounter it on the internet are elsewhere. I know that when I tweet or retweet information and it is acknowledged by the organization that released the information in the first place, that I am more likely to retweet their information in the future. Next, the presenters talked about "The Problem," "The Question/Inquiry," and "Campaign Impact." This was followed by a discussion on "The Crisis" and the significance of responding to an issue early on before it becomes too wide spread and is more difficult to address. "The Competitor" focused on not talking negatively about other organizations that do similiar work to your own. "The Crowd" looked, in part, at trying to attract influential bloggers to increase the impact of your public relations campaign. "The Influencer" looked at third party websites and blogs that have high levels of inbound links and commenters as a source for disseminating information. Finally, the webinar looked at "The Point of Need" and trying to provide solutions to people at an initial inquiry either on Twittter, Facebook or other social network. For further information on Cision and their services see http://us.cision.com/