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Kinder Morgan letter writing campaign | Burnaby Pipeline Watch

Kinder Morgan letter writing campaign | Burnaby Pipeline Watch.

This article is written by Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion

Date: Sunday, September 28, 2014
Kinder Morgan began a letter writing campaign on September 25, 2014 threatening residents of Westridge to either support the giant US based oil pipeline company’s plan to bore a tunnel through Conservation land on Burnaby Mountain, or the company would have no option than to build a new pipeline through the Westridge neighbourhood.
In reward for supporting Kinder Morgan’s proposed new route through Conservation land near the landslide prone Northridge of Burnaby Mountain, the company promises to "deactivate" the old Trans Mountain pipeline currently running through Westridge and push it through the Conservation Area along with the proposed new pipeline.
Kinder Morgan claims that the decision to re-route the proposed new pipeline through Conservation area is based on consultation with residents. This seems far from the truth based on contacts with residents. Indeed, a recent independent poll shows that 68% of Burnaby residents oppose Kinder Morgan's proposed new pipeline going through the City of Burnaby. [1]
BROKE maintains that the proposed pipeline is a threat to the health of our community and our environment no matter what routeis chosen. Not once in its letter to residents ofWestridge does Kinder Morgan mention:• the risk of earthquake and landslide on the Northridge of Burnaby Mountain and the health and safety risks that poses;
• that building a new larger pipeline to ship crude oil to China will entail the use of Aframax class tankers and the dramatic expansion of the Westridge terminal to load those tankers on a daily basis;
• the direct health risks to Westridge residents associated with the loading of crude oil coupled with the emissions from diesel fuel exhaust from the huge increase in tanker traffic through Burrard Inlet and tanker loading at the Westridge tanker berth;
• the economic risks to tourism, fishing, and the public enjoyment of lands in and around Burrard Inlet, posed by over 400 Aframax tankers loading annually at Westridge, and;
• the risk of accident and oil spillsfromtheincreaseinnumber of tankers trying to navigate through Second Narrows.Nor does Kinder Morgan acknowledge that it is not the company that built or maintained the TransMountainpipelineforthe majority oftimesinceitwasbuilt in 1952. Kinder Morgan is, in fact, a newcomer to Canada with a dubious track record. Since purchasing the Trans Mountain pipeline in 2005, Kinder Morgan has been responsible for four major spills; Abbotsford in 2005,BurnabyinWestridge in 2007, Burnaby againin2009andSumas in 2012.Kinder Morgan blames accidents here and in the USA on human error. But since humans must build,serviceandmaintain pipelines, tankers and oil storage facilities, there is always a risk. The issue is whether residents want to risk their health, jobs and the environment for a project of dubious economic value and one which risks the future of generations to come.In their letter to residents, Kinder Morgan presents the proposal to build a brand new pipeline as a 'done deal'. But we all know that the success of the project is far from assured. The pipeline proposal has resulted in litigation and has raised critical constitutional issues, not to mention the constitutional issues raised bytheTsleil-Waututh Nation over the right of the National Energy Board to make decisions affecting unceded territory without consultation and agreement.BROKE urges residents and municipalities to say no to the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline and keep our communities safe for present and future generations.By the Numbers: City of Burnaby versus Kinder Morgan

Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion (BROKE) is a grass roots community based organization concerned about the health and safety of Burnaby residents.