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Celebrating the Month of “Movember” Through a Great Campaign

I have been watching "Movember" over the past few weeks. "Movember" is an international fundraising campaign that takes place in the month of November and raises awareness of men's health issues including prostate cancer and depression. A group of Australians started "Movember" in 2004 and it has since spread to Ireland, Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. In this blog, I will be focusing on the Canadian campaign as I am getting the largest amount of information about this particular campaign through print publications and television as well as the internet. The organizers have done an amazing job at promoting this campaign through multiple media channels and have succeeded so well that most people here have now heard of the event.

The men participating in the event must shave their face on Halloween (October 31st for readers who do not celebrate Halloween). They then grow a moustache (mustache) for the month of November and register with a website called http://www.movember.com/. (I have listed the international website for readers' convenience. When you click on the different regions of the online map on the home page, you are taken to the individual country sites. These sites look very similar, if not identical, to all the other country sites.) "Movember" also includes registration for "Mo Sistas" - women who want to share their support for the cause. They can then promote the fundraiser through their other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The fundraiser has gone viral, appearing extensively on television, with men from many different organizations participating in the event. It works really well as many men who you typically see clean shaven are currently growing moustaches. "Movember" has succeeded in harnessing the power of websites, social networks, and more traditional media such as television and printed publications.